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We are a welcoming Catholic community called by God to live out the message of love and service to all people. Without you, Holy Name is just a building; but with you and your family, we are Holy Name of Jesus Church.

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We’re Open!   It’s Safe.   Come Home!   It’s Time.

One year ago, on June 22, we returned to public worship here at Holy Name of Jesus Parish. Numerous measures were put in place to safeguard the well-being of all in attendance. We began with one Mass on Sunday. Our capacity, as mandated by the State of Connecticut, with safe-distancing, was 100.

As of June 6th of this year, most restrictions have been lifted. We increased our Mass options to include a Saturday Vigil Mass at 4 PM and an early Sunday morning Mass at 7:30 AM. Our 10:00 Sunday Mass averages 100 worshippers while both the 4 PM and 7:30 AM Mass average 50 worshippers. In addition, 6-10 people gather for Eucharist on weekday mornings in the Day Chapel.

We’re Open!   It’s Safe.   Come Home!   It’s Time.

Even though most restrictions have been lifted, we continue to implement some basic, common-sense protocols. We have kept two sections of the Church set up with safe-distancing and ask that those not yet fully vaccinated sit in those areas and continue to wear a mask. In addition, we choose to distribute Communion in such a way as to avoid close contact with those outside your household. Numerous of your fellow parishioners have come forward and been trained to assist and direct those in attendance in order to keep our Liturgies simple, safe, and sacred. Soon we will reinstate Offertory collections and processions. For the time being, we ask that you continue to place your contributions in the baskets at the Main inside doors. Happily, we were just given the ‘green light’ to resume making Holy Water available in the fonts at the doors!

We’re Open!   It’s Safe.   Come Home!   It’s Time.

We have designated June and July as ‘Welcome Home’ months. Each week more of your fellow parishioners are returning to worship in Church. It is so very good to see our family members together again here in our spiritual home!

Recent ‘straw polls’ of parishioners who are choosing not to return to public Mass yet seem to fall in the following categories:

...Those with health concerns...

...Those who are comfortable watching from home...

...Those who find our Mass schedule inconvenient...

...Those who are unhappy with something said or done...

For our elderly, those with compromising ailments, health care workers and certain others, your concerns are justified. For anyone who is ill or at risk for spreading or contacting germs, bacteria or viruses, or in the same household with someone who falls into these categories, we encourage you to stay home out of charity and concern for others. Of course, we presume that your decision extends to all other areas of public exposure like restaurants, stores, and other gatherings with people not living in your home. If this is not the case and you are socializing again, please...Come Home! It’s Time.

For those who have grown comfortable watching Mass from home, we encourage you to remember how important first-hand, in-person encounters are! Remember how comforting, fulfilling and nourishing Eucharist is. Please Come Home! It’s Time.

For those who feel that our present Mass schedule doesn’t fit with other activities, remember that we are commanded to Keep the Sabbath Holy. As much of a sacrifice as this may entail, please do your best to get to Mass...Come Home! It’s Time. If you can’t or won’t Come Home because of the schedule of your other activities, then go somewhere, just kindly let us know...It’s Time.

This last category of stated or implied reasons for not returning to Mass is, perhaps, more troubling than any of the others. Communal Life is hard work! We know this in true for our family community, social groups, work colleagues, etc. Things happen. People move around. Positions of authority change.

If you have not returned to Holy Name of Jesus now that We’re Open because of some issue, action, disagreement, or something else, please make your concerns known to me or another staff member. Everyone deserves to be heard and everyone has a voice. We may be able to work it out. At the very least it is never good to leave any relationship or community without attempting to work conflicts out respectfully. Come talk so that you might Come Home! It’s Time.

Plans have begun for fashioning and celebrating our 100th Anniversary and laying the foundations for the next 100 years! Everyone who was, who is and who will join us in the future helps create the vibrant, diverse, and beautiful tapestry of who we are as a Community of Faith. Please Come Home! It’s Safe. It’s Time! We’re waiting with Open Arms!



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Friday - 8:30 am Communion Service celebrated in the Sts. Cyril & Methodius Chapel

The Chapel will remain open Tuesday-Friday until 2 pm for private, individual prayer. 

All procedures and protocols for weekend Mass apply to weekday services as well.


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  Saturday Afternoons 3 pm- 3:30 pm

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